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7+ Million Apartments Will Adopt PropTech Over The Next 5 Years

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Multifamily PropTech can be a minefield but renters demand the latest technology. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you navigate the dangerous PropTech landscape so that you don’t become a victim of another PropTech implementation gone bad.
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No two communities are alike, and neither is the potential value that PropTech can bring to your portfolio. By leveraging market data and our proprietary A.I. we’ll help guide you to the same conclusion as a pilot, without implementing a single unit.


We transform the fog of uncertainty into a roadmap to success. Leverage our industry veterans from NMHC Top 50 organizations on an as-needed or flat-rate basis to reduce the steep learning curve associated with PropTech adoption.

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Multifamily Technologies We Work With:

Operational Efficiencies

              • Package Delivery Solutions
              • Property Management Software
              • Business Intelligence Solutions
              • Work Order Management
              • Smart Building Solutions
              • Short Term Rentals

Prospect Engagement

              • Virtual & Self-Guided Tours
              • Website Chatbots
              • Deposit Elimination
              • I.D. Verification
              • Financial Fraud Detection
              • Website Engagement

Construction Enhancements

              • E.V. Charging
              • 3D Modeling
              • Community Managed Wi-Fi
              • Access Control Systems
              • Sound Dampening Solutions
              • Green LEED Technologies

Resident Experience

              • Resident App
              • Smart Home Automation
              • On-Demand Amenities
              • Valet Amenity Services
              • Electric Vehicles On-Demand
              • Monitored Home Security
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Stop wasting countless hours pursuing PropTech solutions that don’t align with your goals. Since 2021, we’ve saved our multifamily clients an average of 9 months off the PropTech adoption cycle.
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Save Time

Our solutions reduce the amount of time your team would traditionally spend during the research, selection, pilot, and implementation phases of the PropTech adoption cycle.
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Recover Revenue

Recover revenue that is usually lost during the industry standard PropTech adoption cycle. A month saved using our solutions is another month of revenue you can generate.

Trusted by Multifamily Owners, Developers, Managers, and Vendors

The Impact Analysis Reports provided by Innovative NOI allowed us to minimize our investment in research & development while significantly increasing our time savings. The ability to quantify hidden costs/benefits and right size the investment is where we see significant value.

Chris Green

Managing Director

There isn't another owner, developer, or manager that has overseen as many successful smart apartment implementations as the founder of Innovative NOI.

Mike Rovito

Chief Executive Officer

Innovative NOI has consistently impressed all of us here at DFW Custom Homes with their PropTech simplification solutions. Their ability to help us pinpoint & implement ideal PropTech solutions within our multifamily projects brings an unmatched level of convenience to our team. As a valued partner, they are integral to delivering the high-quality technologies our clients dream of.

DFW Custom Homes

Austin Williams


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