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Visibility => Customized Vendor Profile Added Our Client Portal
Credibility => ‘Verified PropTech’ Accreditation Badge Provided For Marketing
Access  => Interested Clients Can Contact You Through Their Portal 24/7
Referrals => Expert Recommendations Only Include Verified Vendors Unless Requested

Improve Your Reputation & Build Trust

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Participation slots are currently available to vendors in all property technology and support niches.

Unlike a traditional vendor list or marketplace that is pay to play, all interested vendors go through an extensive vetting & verification process by one of our property technology professionals.

Once the vetting & verification process is completed with a passing score, an invitation to participate as a verified vendor is extended. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Every vendor in the program has met or exceeded our strict verification requirements, ensuring any solution recommended or implemented by our clients are reputable and future proof.

In 2021, our clients drove over $1.1m in sales to our verified vendors while also saving an average of 6 months off their traditional sales cycle. 

While we do offer additional exposure opportunities at an affordable rate, basic verification requires no fee.  

We will happily answer your questions and showcase our software & services at your earliest convenience. Please begin the vetting process by clicking the button above. 


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