Vendor Comparison Service

Leverage Data to Find the Best PropTech for Your Multifamily Project

Multifamily PropTech Can Be A Minefield

Our knowledgeable consultants can help you navigate the dangerous
PropTech landscape so that you don’t become a victim of another implementation gone bad.

Stop Suffering From:

Negative Vendor Experiences

High Turnover Rate

"Analysis Paralysis"

Start Benefitting From:


Increased Prospect Conversion

New Revenue Streams

Increased Operational Efficiencies

Leveraging Our Verified Vendors:

Renters Demand the Latest Technology

Our verification process allows your organization to focus on what matters most,
rather than wasting countless hours pursuing vendors that do not align with your goals.

Lost Time on demos & pilots with vendors you’ll never hire
Wasted Dollars on overpriced solutions that overpromise and underdeliver
Watching your competition pull ahead of you
Verified Vendors across all PropTech niches
Vendor Marketing Materials available to download on-demand
Vendor Contacts directly with ease
Exclusive Discounts that have been prenegotiated

Our Vetting & Verification Checklist:

All vendors go through an extensive vetting & verification process before an invitation to participate is extended.

Operational Stability

Feedback & Reviews

  • Financial & Operational Stability
  • Planning and Execution Time Frame
  • KPI’s Impacted
  • Reputation & Client Feedback
  • Market Availability within the US

Deployment History

Service & Support

  • Deployment History
  • Long Term Service & Support
  • Project Types Applicable
  • Training Requirements

Financing Opportunities

PMS Integrations

  • Revenue Share
  • Financing Opportunities
  • Contract & Term Length Review
  • Property Management System Integrations

How Our Clients Benefit:

Ready To Increase NOI?


Our Vendor Verification process ensures your organization can focus on what matters most, rather than wasting countless hours meeting with vendors that do not align with your organizational short- & long-term goals. Every vendor in the program has met or exceeded our strict verification requirements, ensuring any solution implemented is reputable and future proof.

While many consulting firms use undisclosed kickbacks or personal investments to make vendor recommendations, we are able to use that same leverage to negotiate exclusive discounts and pass those savings on to you.

We will happily answer your questions and showcase our software & services, please schedule a free exploratory call at your earliest convenience.  

Interested In Becoming A Verified Vendor?


Evaluate with Clarity,
Innovate with Confidence.™