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ChatGPT Use in Multifamily

The Multifamily Residential industry is crucial in providing housing solutions for millions of people. As a result, property managers and analysts are always looking for innovative tools and strategies to optimize their operations, deliver outstanding tenant experiences, and drive growth. Enter ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI language model transforming industries across...

Vendor Lists: Helpful or a Headache?

A basic Google Search for MDU PropTech Vendors will return numerous results including several “Top 10” lists of PropTech vendors...

Unbiased Data, Your Secret Weapon

One of the biggest obstacles when dealing with PropTech implementations is figuring out who you can trust. It is often...

Why Should I Care About ESG?

ESG’s main application has been regarding large publicly traded companies and investments, however, its trickle-down effects will be felt at...


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