Unbiased Data, Your Secret Weapon

One of the biggest obstacles when dealing with PropTech implementations is figuring out who you can trust. It is often difficult to determine if a vendor representative is not over-promising the abilities of a solution, or under-reporting the overall cost just to close a deal. How are you supposed to verify that the information being presented by the vendors, or their marketing materials are not just made up out of thin air?

This issue is pervasive throughout the industry, in fact, the Gartner conducted a survey and reported that: “Only 8 percent of customers believe vendor-produced ROI studies”. The overall lack of trust has delayed several organizations from moving forward with implementing PropTech at their assets and has slowed PropTech adoption across the MDU industry.

Further complicating this dynamic is the fact that 3rd party consultants can also be hard to trust. Frequently, you can run the risk of being presented a specific vendors’ solution due to a kickback negotiated on the back end that benefits the consultant more than you. It is no wonder that so many PropTech implementations go nowhere when so many organizations feel outmanned and outgunned when trying to decide which solution to implement or attempting to negotiate the best deal possible.

Trust Data, Not Salespeople

Innovative NOI prefers that you don’t just take them at their word. Instead, they prefer to provide you with unbiased data backed analysis to help you understand the potential impact to your business. Their Impact Analysis Reports combine details from your specific business situation, real-world market data, and proprietary software to provide cost analysis that is reality based and a vendor recommendation that is best suited for your needs.

By leveraging their proprietary A.I. in addition to their expertise in the PropTech Industry, they can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision along with the context to understand why the vendor solution they present is the best for you. This allows you to have an accurate picture of the potential impacts to your business and can save the months of time and expense associated with researching, piloting, and reviewing data before being able to make a decision.

Building Confidence with Proven Results

In 2021, Innovative NOI saved their customers an average of over 9 months off the industry average PropTech adoption cycle. By leveraging their expertise, data backed analysis, and negotiating power Innovative NOI helped their clients move toward implementation and cash flow positive returns faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

You wouldn’t buy a stock that has a long history of small returns or a car that is notorious for breaking down, so why would you invest your time and money into a process that has no verifiable results? Innovative NOI has the expertise and have taken the time and care to build their software and services and apply them in the real world to ensure that the results speak for themselves.

Stop feeling overwhelmed when dealing with vendors or consultants and let Innovative NOI’s data backed analysis be your secret weapon!

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